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Why I Like Being At Home on Thanksgiving

Why I Like Being At Home on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week travel expected to be almost as busy as pre-pandemic levels are expected to be. Most of the time, most of the time, when I look out the window at Thanksgiving day in New York City, the only thing I see is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. So, I’ve decided to try to find a holiday that gives me at least as much pleasure as Thanksgiving does. I find that most of what I enjoy, or at least most of the time I enjoy it, is being at home with my cats, and I think cats are the perfect holiday to find that happiness.

Now, the cats are not the only reason I like being at home on Thanksgiving. I like being awake on Thanksgiving morning. It’s a very pleasant feeling, but you can’t really use it as an indicator to predict weather or the amount of people who will be out.

Like the weather, you can’t use it as an indicator to predict how many people are going to travel. But, it’s fun to watch the parade, and if you’ve ever watched any type of parade, you know there’s more than one reason why they do it. There’s the parade itself, which is a chance for people from every country, every religion, to get together and have fun together in a way that we haven’t been able to do on those same streets in years past. There’s the family, or the people who work, or the people who just live in the neighborhood and have nothing, and a parade can help pull people together, and it’s one thing to watch the show when you want to watch the show, and the other thing is to see that same show when you don’t. Those are the reasons we travel. Those are the reasons we attend parades. There are more reasons we visit cemeteries that we may not visit the cemeteries where we may visit ourselves. Parades are the perfect time to travel, so much

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