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Why I Believe That The Latino Voter Is the Future of California

Why I Believe That The Latino Voter Is the Future of California

Op-Ed: Are Californians fleeing en masse to Texas? The reality is complicated and far-reaching

I often say that the problem with the media and the Democrats is that they give the false impression that they are out looking for a white knight when in fact they are looking for a sucker.

Recently, I wrote about why I believe California’s growing Latino population is going to cause problems for Californians and their state. And while the problems may be real and they exist on both sides of the border, there is something more to the story.

The truth is that I believe that today’s Latino voters are very different from the ones who left California, and that the current voters are a different breed.

I believe they come from all walks of life.

I believe that they are both Democrats and Republicans, and that they have lived here for generations, and they have family members who have never left California.

I believe that they are the future.

And I believe that what is going on in the great state of Texas is exactly what it sounds like.

Today, the great state of California is a hot mess.

That’s because more than ever, our state is governed by politicians who want to do things their way, not California’s way.

And they want to turn the state into a liberal, liberal utopia.

And when they have done that, they have made the state’s Hispanic voters flee from California to Texas, thereby sending those Hispanics fleeing to states like Georgia, Florida and New York, where their vote has no chance of being cast.

What’s going on?

I believe, and I know, that the Latino vote has never been more important in California, because this is where the future of the state lies.

California is in serious trouble.

And the real reason that Latinos are moving out of California is not because California lost an election, but because Californians have lost touch with reality.

That’s because they have not realized that as liberal as California has become,

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