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Trump’s latest Twitter attack is Ron DeSantis

Trump’s latest Twitter attack is Ron DeSantis

Here’s how you know Donald Trump is afraid of Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump is not afraid of Florida

He’s happy enough to live and die in Florida

Not that the Sunshine State has much else to offer

Donald Trump is a master of the Twitter-rage cycle. It’s a device that allows him to get to his opponents. It’s a form of personal attack. In this case, his target is Ron DeSantis, but he often uses it against any critics he doesn’t find sympathetic.

Trump’s Twitter attacks have been coming daily, and he’s tweeted as many as 50 times since Sunday. But his latest target is the Republican governor of Florida. He calls DeSantis a “sick puppy.” He accused him of being “a disgrace” to Tallahassee and said DeSantis should go back to Florida, where it’s warmer. Here’s the best part:

“Ron DeSantis can go back to Florida,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning. “His only home is Florida. If I were him, I would go back!”

Then, like a good schoolboy, he added: “He (DeSantis) doesn’t want to be here. He doesn’t want to be Florida. A sick puppy.”

He wrote that he’s “tired of the childish antics” of DeSantis and called him a “liar” and a “choker.” Then he added: “I will not dignify and accept this kind of childish behavior any longer. Good luck,” he wrote. “And I look forward to having Ron return to Florida and running out and winning for the Conservative! Vote Ron DeSantis. He will do a good job.”

Now why the hell would you read anything into that tweet except that Trump is trying to make himself look less pathetic before the 2018 midterms?

It’s a strategy that he’ll continue to use until the voters go to the polls in November.

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