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The Super Tuesday Election: The New York Times

The Super Tuesday Election: The New York Times

7 Biden, Harris quotes that will haunt Dems, Musk’s Twitter takeover and more Fox News Opinion The Hill’s 12:30 report: Dems rip ‘entitlements’ as GOP plots animate Senate MORE is still leading, at around 2.1 percent, he might have a chance to clinch the nomination. But a strong performance in the debates could make that moot.

To win at least 1,991 delegates on the first ballot, he’ll have to win at least 1,964. That’s the threshold at which any candidate can be counted as winner regardless of the number of votes they won on Super Tuesday.

In March, Sanders and Biden had a statistically identical number of pledged delegates before the Nevada primary, when Sanders won, but the Vermont senator failed to win the 2,383 delegates needed to clinch the nomination, as the primary was a multi-state contest.

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