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The Queen of Latin Pop

The Queen of Latin Pop

Becky G: L.A.’s homegrown, go-to Latin pop star

Becky G is the queen of Latin pop. I caught up with the singer for the first time last week, and I have to say, this woman is an angel.

I caught up with Becky G in San Diego one night this past week, about a week after her set at the Beach House. I had only heard her songs for a week, and she was so charming, so upbeat, and positive, I wanted to meet her. I walked up to her table and she shook my hand and told me she was a huge fan, and that she wanted to see some photos of me on the cover of Billboard. I asked her if she spoke Spanish, and she said no, she spoke English, and she wanted to know if she could speak Italian. I told her yes, and she was good.

I went out with some of my friends from school, and I was in the middle of a group chat of several friends and a DJ, and I started asking guys if they would like to photograph me and they jumped up and said yes, why not, I was happy. I had to buy my own camera, $300, and my photo session was great, I couldn’t be happier, I got so many great shots of me standing out front of the Beach House stage, and one of me sitting on the toilet, and I’m just in one of the few private bathrooms of the Beach House.

You know your favorite bands, and they’re the perfect one to play a show that’s in your neighborhood — and my neighborhood is not too far from L.A. — you walk from the car you’re in to the lobby of the hotel, and then you turn that corner, and it’s like you’re walking into the next big city, it feels like you’re walking into another universe. It’s surreal, but at the same time, it’s so exciting.

I was in the middle of this group chat and it was just, you know, I had to be a professional and I knew my career will not take off until I was signed and I’m pretty sure that when I’m signed, it will be by myself

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