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Sosas Concept Stores — The first concept stores in Colombia

Sosas Concept Stores — The first concept stores in Colombia

Bogotá’s ‘Concept Stores’ Showcase Colombia’s Emerging Brands

Bogotá, Colombia – The ‘Concept Stores’ exhibition in Bogotá, Colombia marked the official launch of the new concept stores of Bogotá-based Grupo Sosas Colombianas (Sosas).

Sosas concept stores are designed to showcase the brand’s innovative and cutting-edge, quality products and customer services, with an aim to create long-term relationships with consumers.

Sosas concept stores provide customers with a unique and comfortable experience. A true test of time, each concept store is designed specifically for each customer. Some stores are equipped with “Sosas in the Sky”, another unique feature of the concept stores. At Sosas store, a team of employees that work from 7am to 11pm have the task of creating a beautiful and relaxing day, which starts with a greeting from a friend (a gesture that is repeated until 2am), to the sound of the rainforest, through the use of plants and natural elements. This is accompanied by the music of the Sosas team and a warm welcome to the store.

Sosas’ concept stores are a fusion of ideas and concepts that are the result of 30 years of work in the food industry. Each concept store will include a kitchen, dedicated to preparing the freshest, finest, most innovative and interesting products in the world. The concept stores will also include an art gallery, an entertainment salon, private restaurants, a bar and a cafe.

The concept stores will be located close to the customers in terms of convenience, but will be located outside of the main shopping district (Puerto Madero, El Prado, Libertador, and Calle 13 Este). The concept stores will display products that Sosas has never been seen in stores before.

The first concept store will be located in the first floor of the Grupo Sosas store

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