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Scary David Kaczynski, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, is a wanted man

Scary David Kaczynski, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, is a wanted man

Anatomy of one of the wildest police pursuits Southern California has ever seen.

It’s hard to say what drives a man like David Kaczynski, a.k.a. “Scary David.” He’s a former U.S. Navy SEAL, trained to kill anyone, but he also spent years as a gang banger. He likes to say he took the law into his own hands a lot, so his friends and family called him an enforcer.

A few weeks ago, he showed up at the home of a man he considers his friend and asked him to give up his wife. “I’m tired of being used. She cheated on me a year and a half ago. She’s not a nice person, but she’s got a family to take care of,” he told the man. “Tell her to give me another chance.”

The woman was angry, but did what he wanted. Her son was sleeping, but he heard what happened. He immediately called the police, and at that point Scary David was also a wanted man.

He is wanted for questioning in the attempted kidnapping of a girl 15 years old. Authorities are still trying to figure out how he went from Navy SEAL to gangbanger in such a short time. But if he finds himself in custody, he will face life in prison unless he agrees to help.

The authorities already had the right man after a hit-and-run accident in which he had been the driver.

“If he was trying to kidnap that girl, then we’re going to try to charge him with attempted kidnapping,” said Sgt. John Heilman, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy. “But if we can talk him into cooperating, we may be able to get him off the streets.”

Heilman was recently stationed at the Sheriff’s Station in Sylmar, outside of Los Angeles, where he’s part of the Force Investigation Unit that investigates kidnappings.

And like so many other deputies, he knows something about what can happen when people don’t cooperate with the law

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