Ryarsh has an Outstanding School!

In the quaint village of Ryarsh, our Primary is a rural school set in beautiful countryside surroundings.

At Ryarsh School the aim is to create a caring community within which, children and staff can work together, in a stimulating and enjoyable environment, to reach their full potential.

Ryarsh School has achieved, for parents and children, a welcoming place to go, where the highest standards of kindness, tolerance and courtesy are maintained. It believes that the examples set by the adults involved in all aspects of the school's life, should provide the children with positive role models and an excellent working enviroment encouraging the development of  home and school links.

Did you know you can find out more about the school on their website. RYARSH SCHOOL NEW WEBSITE.  The Headteacher is Mrs Austin and the contact telephone number is 01732 870600

The Education Act 2005 includes a requirement for the governing bodies of all maintained schools in England to prepare and publish a school profile annually, in place of an annual parents' meeting and governors' annual report. This requirement applies to all maintained schools.

The profile is a mechanism for schools to communicate with parents about the school's progress, priorities and performance. It is a short document which will contain, where relevant:

Statistics, to be provided and updated by the DfES on an annual basis.


A summary of the latest Ofsted report, to be provided by DfES and updated at least every three years. Narrative sections to be written by the school, updated at least annually.

The profile is intended to be a new and more effective way of conveying key information to all parents. Extensive consultation with local authorities, schools, parents and pupils suggested that many regarded the traditional reporting mechanism as overly time-consuming for the schools to produce and of little value to their audience, particularly parents. To access our school’s profile go to 

Ryarsh School Direct Gov. Link If this page doesn't load properly, then just click refresh.