A fantastic collection of photographs from Mr Jack Bottle who lived in Ryarsh in the 1930s.

This page is dedicated to Jack Bottle and his family. A family who lived in Ryash in the 1930s. I have compiled a slideshow of his pictures for your enjoyment.

This is a picture Mr Jack Bottle on the left and his younger brother Robert on his Wedding Day. 1956 

The Bottle family photographed on Offham Green. Left to right, Jack, Frank, Alan, Roy, Jean and Robert. The occasion is Alans Wedding Day.

Of all the family only Jack and his youngest brothers Roy and Alan survive.They still live locally at Snodland and Offham.

Workhouse Cottages, Boxing Day 1939.
  Ryarsh Sand and Brick Company. Taken from the pathway leading up to the church past the old school.
  The Church and Mr Hoosens Farm
  Leading up Ryarsh Hill from the village towards Woodgate.
  Roughetts Road. The Entrance to a house by the fir tree owned by a Mr Thynne - Head of the Brickworks and supporter of the Boys Club.
  The foundations for the Ryarsh Boys Club Hut built nearly opposite Neville Villas. (See Last Picture). Note the four brick squares which were to support the legs of the billiard table. About 1938-9
  Woodgate Road near to the Addington turning. Note the large tree which covered the road. The girl in the foreground is Jean Bottle.
  Workhouse Cottages. The girls name in the picture is Downing and a Mr Williams lived next door. About 1935.
  Workhouse Lane leading to the North Downs. No sand extraction in sight. 1935.
  A Stereo Pair. Taken from a Stereoscope which Jack has owned since the age of 12. The Haystack standing on ground owned/rented by Mr F. A. Brooks. Viewed through the stereoscope the haystack appears in 3D. Threshing was also done on this sight. Neville Villas in the Background. (See last picture).
  Miss Bance. Headteacher of Ryarsh School with the school children outside the Ryarsh Village Hall. Mary Quant the fashion designer is believed to be amongst the children on the right. About 1940.
  Neville Villas. (Later renamed 'North Hill' by Jacks Brother-in-law). Note the nearly new chimney pots on the front stack. One Sunday afternoon the house was struck by lightening (About 1934). It completely demolished the brick stack and scattered the pots in all directions. Slates were ripped from the roof and the upstairs fireplace in the front bedroom was blown out. Jack had been in the bedroom a few minutes earlier in order to close the window to preventthe rain from coming in. A lucky escape!

Looking across Mr Langridges meadow from Workhouse Lane. He was a farmer from Chapel Street. The large house surrounded by fir trees belonged to Mr and Mrs Christmas. Their daughter was friendly with a pilot from R.A.F. West Malling and during the war he used to 'beat up' the house with his 'defiant' fighter.

Another photograph of 'North Hill' about 1955.

Recreation in those far off days and during the war was a game of darts and a half pint of bitter at the Elm Tree pub kept by Tom Cooper and his wife Alice. The beer was drawn straight from the barrel and cost four old pence per half pint.

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