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McCarthy’s campaign manager says he’s urging Republicans to unite behind him

McCarthy’s campaign manager says he’s urging Republicans to unite behind him

Kevin McCarthy urges GOP lawmakers to unify behind his bid for House speaker

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy is urging Republican lawmakers to unite behind him in his effort to become speaker of the House.

McCarthy, who has represented California’s 29th district since 2014, made the remarks in a video to introduce himself as a contender for the role of speaker.

“I believe we can do this,” McCarthy said. “We’re talking about leadership. We’re talking about the highest office in the land. We’re talking about governing.”

McCarthy’s campaign manager, Will Cottrell, later told The Hill that the video was a response to those who argue that McCarthy is too inexperienced to be considered for the top job.

“The real goal here is to unite around a single candidate,” Cottrell said.

McCarthy is looking to build on his successful bid to become minority leader, a post he has held for nearly three years. According to the website, McCarthy was elected the second-highest-ranking House Republican in the country in his role as minority leader. He was re-elected in 2018.

Under House rules, the next speaker will need to be confirmed by the Rules Committee, which will hold a full vote on Wednesday. A final vote, or confirmation, will be held on Thursday.

If McCarthy doesn’t win the top job, he could be next in line to be speaker. Currently, that honor goes to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who was elected as minority leader in 2017.

He is considered to be one of the most conservative members of Congress and is known as a staunch opponent of President Donald Trump who is seen as a likely supporter of conservative policies.

McCarthy is seeking the position of speaker in an effort to unify House Republicans, which is at the heart of his message.

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