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Kanye West Goes into Hate Mode

Kanye West Goes into Hate Mode

More antisemitic hate seen in L.A. after Kanye West’s hateful rants on radio

LOS ANGELES — The most hated man on Twitter went into full-out hate mode Tuesday morning.

Kanye West apologized, made headlines for his new album, and then blamed what he said was a “lack of trust” in a liberal media for his sudden Twitter meltdown.

And while it’s been widely reported that West’s outburst on Twitter was an isolated moment — with no connection to his latest album, Yandere Knower — many others immediately accused West of being a bigot and a racist.

West’s sudden outburst may not have been intentional, but his tweets on Twitter were hateful and vile, and many users immediately labeled him an anti-Semite and accused him of being racists.

While no one has called him a bigot, many have criticized him.

“I am so tired of Jews constantly trying to guilt me into making money by pushing the Jewish version of the ‘white privilege’ narrative,” West tweeted. “I am tired of your attempts to pull me into your little circle of privilege and guilt.”

On Tuesday, we saw West’s behavior play out in real life, too.

A week earlier, West made headlines for calling for a boycott of all Jewish media outlets and brands.

“I think that the Jews are trying to kill me by being a constant source of negativity in media,” he said on his Twitter page.

“The Jewish media has been attacking me aggressively for years, and I am not going to let them do it anymore. They have proven that they have no interest in any kind of positive relationship with me. I am tired of it.”

He added, “I cannot wait until this Jewish media nonsense dies down. I am sick of it. I am 100% sure once this is over, you will never see me again.”

West added that he wanted to meet with the Jewish media as well as Jewish influencers and ask them that they stop the negativity.

“I want to meet with the Jewish media, influencers, and talk about this with them,” he said. “I am 100% sure they will tell me the Jewish media is always

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