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Hunter Biden’s Condescending Condescension

Hunter Biden's Condescending Condescension

Republicans hoot as CBS verifies Hunter Biden laptop two years after dismissing it

NEW YORK–It’s nearly impossible to listen to Hunter Biden’s voice on a telephone call without hearing his condescending condescension. In fact, you can’t listen to his voice through the phone and make heads or tails of what he’s saying.

“It’s a great way to make a call,” he quips, when he’s in front of you. That’s what he did in a phone call with CBS on Thursday when he spoke to CBS News senior correspondent Margaret Brennan about Joe Biden’s appearance at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton the previous night.

“I would be happy to join him,” he says to her.

Then he takes the telephone away from her and speaks slowly, clearly, and for more than a minute.

“It is a great way to get a message across, and I believe my voice is the best at doing that.”

It’s not an uncommon way for him to talk. On Thursday, he was responding to questions on the presidential campaign trail about his son’s business dealings.

Earlier in Thursday’s interview, he joked, “I’m not worried about Hunter doing anything with my government contract. The only bad thing I can do is stand in front of a microphone and say something I shouldn’t because I want to get a raise.”

We decided to call him back and have him confirm the claim.

To hear him confirm it: “Yes. I am extremely proud of the accomplishments my son is making.”

To hear him reject it: “They’re not accomplishments. They’re scams. All I’m saying is I am proud of him being a great person, and I don’t know a time when I haven’t had that pride, and that’s all I’m saying.”

In the interview with CBS, Biden tried to justify some of the allegations against Hunter in the campaign’s final days. He pointed to the fact that the Democratic National Committee never took action

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