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Daniel Romelo to testify for the defense of Robert Weinstein

Daniel Romelo to testify for the defense of Robert Weinstein

California First Partner Becomes Key Witness in Weinstein’s Los Angeles Trial

SAN DIEGO (CN) – A California partner who admitted to conspiring to murder a reporter who chronicled his sexual misconduct for a decade is set to testify for the defense of Robert Weinstein, the former journalist charged with murdering the woman in his home.

Daniel Romelo, who was convicted of conspiring with Harvey Weinstein, now lives in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles. He has given several interviews outlining his role as a witness for prosecutors in Robert Weinstein’s case.

Last year, after his conviction was upheld by the California Court of Appeals, Romelo sent a letter to Weinstein’s lawyers asking for leniency, according to court records. He asked that he be permitted to remain free out on bail while his probation was served and he is expected to testify against Weinstein during his trial.

“As a man who has been held accountable over and over again in the court of law, by both the victims and by his own actions, and as a man who has demonstrated to the world that he is a positive force in the world and a person who is deserving of consideration and hope for rehabilitation,” said Romelo in the letter, “I feel that I am worthy of the opportunity to spend time in the company of my family, with the hope of eventually being released and be able to live a full productive life.”

In June, prosecutors announced a superseding indictment against Weinstein, charging him with one count of murder in the death of photographer and sex crime victim, Mimi Haleyi.

The indictment charged Weinstein with a crime he believed he did not commit: the June 5, 2017, stabbing death of Haleyi, who was dating Weinstein, at his Pacific Palisades home after drinking with a small group of male friends.

The two-count indictment charges Weinstein with first-degree murder, which can carry a maximum penalty of life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years, and with assault with a deadly weapon, which can carry up to 15 years in prison.

Romelo, a former Los Angeles police officer, was a key witness on behalf of the People’s Attorney’s office.

Romelo testified in Weinstein’s trial that he was on a “plan” with Weinstein against female journalists, and that he agreed to kill Haleyi for the opportunity to see “the power of

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