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Climate Solutions: A Summer Sailing Trip

Climate Solutions: A Summer Sailing Trip

Op-Ed: To save the Earth, think like a ‘blue water’ sailor

“It’s a good thing to say that you’re part of the solution, part of the solution, but if you’re just a part of the problem, then you’re all alone,” says the co-founder of the group Climate Solutions.

“There’s something for everyone. Some people like to think that they’re the solution and they’re all of the problem, but what people like to say is they’re just there helping to solve the problem.”

Sustainable transport is important, and the group is looking for people who live in cities, but who don’t drive.

They are planning a summer sailing trip for June, but they don’t have enough boat space.

“You need a boat to go on the water and you need to be able to sail with a captain to go on the ocean, so we don’t have enough boats,” says the co-founder of the group Climate Solutions.

I am a keen sailor and the last time I sailed close to the equator was with my first crew in the Med.

Now I have a mate and a boat of my own, and I intend to sail the world on our adventures.

We are going to be sailing into the Pacific Ocean in the middle of our season from May to the end of June.

We’ve got a month and a bit of time to go and a boat full of us.

It should be a great adventure.

We are doing the trip in the company of a team that has been sailing the world for over a decade and a group of other mates who have just joined us.

It’s a special experience.

I am one of three who are female, and in the world of sailing, that is unusual indeed.

Not to say that I am not as

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