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Bruce Springsteen on ‘Tonight Show’

Bruce Springsteen on 'Tonight Show'

The Boss is back: Bruce Springsteen sets ‘Tonight Show’ residency ahead of new album

Bruce Springsteen left his band, The E Street Band, for five months in early 2012 to work on his new album, ‘Born To Run’.

Now, the Jersey rocker has returned to the band for a ‘Tonight Show’ residency.

And after having played for an audience of about 150 people at his first live performance as a member of E Street in July 2012, Springsteen said he plans on playing more live concerts in the future, and even more in the future.

“I’ve been thinking about that a lot, and I’ve been talking to people about it, trying to figure out how to make it happen. And if it’s possible, it’s definitely possible. People have mentioned that they are going to do concerts. We’re trying to figure out how to make that happen,” he told MTV News on Thursday (May 5).

The Boss’ first stint on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’

Springsteen, who recently released his 10th studio album, ‘Definitively Electric,’ performed his one-hour set in front of a backdrop similar to the one previously used during his stint on ‘The Tonight Show,’ where he sat in the front row.

The musical host, Jay Leno, spoke about the musical direction Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’ album was inspired by.

He began by explaining the story behind ‘Born To Run.’ As Springsteen and his band performed his song, ‘Jersey,’ he said it ‘took on a life of it’s own’ and began to get people’s attention. So, he suggested to the band that he take on a new character and assume a different persona onstage.

“You know, I’ve sung in front of more bands than I can count. I’ve sung in front of thousands of people. And it got to where I was looking at the band, and it was like, ‘You guys are good, but you don’t sound like Bruce Springsteen. And he looked at me and he said, ‘If I sound like Bruce Springsteen, it’s going to sound like me. I’ve been singing Bruce Springsteen all my life.’ So I took that as a challenge, and

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